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A European Approach to Clinical Investigator (CLIC)Clinical investigator 
Strategic position paper about proposing clinical investigator training in Europe.

Medicines Regulatory Affairs
Four universities (Copenhagen, Basel, Hertfordshire and King’s College, London) now collaborate to introduce a European Masters Programme in Medicines Regulatory Affairs.


PharmaTrain is implementing reliable standards for high-quality postgraduate education and training in Medicines Development. Training Centres, which offer Diploma Courses, Master Programmes as well as CPD Modules and training courses under the PharmaTrain brand share the high PharmaTrain standards and undergo quality assessments.

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PharmaTrain awards training centres that fulfill the high PharmaTrain Standards. The following Training Centres have successfully been assessed.

Request for a PharmaTrain recognition
You can request for a PharmaTrain recognition of your CPD Course. The recognised CPD Course will be listed on our "CPD Courses" list and flagged on See the detailed instructions here.

From IMI project to permanent organisation
PharmaTrain is a network of public and private partners that started its activities as an IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) project and has become a permanent not-for-profit organisation as of July 2014.