PharmaTrain Recognition

Research and Development of new treatments is occurring globally but there is no global concept and institution for education and training of the staff involved nor a global process for quality recognition of the educational courses. PharmaTrain aims at filling this void: PharmaTrain defines syllabus, learning outcomes, curricula and competencies for post-graduate education and training programmes covering all areas of the “PharmaTrain Syllabus of Pharmaceutical Medicine” through its highly experienced course provider and training expert members.

The quality standards jointly developed by course providers, pharmaceutical industry training experts and scientists in international not-for-profit organisations during the IMI project “PharmaTrain” are applied now by the not-for-profit organisation “PharmaTrain Federation” to provide “PharmaTrain Recognition” for individual courses or “Centre or Centre of Excellence Recognition” for academic, commercial and non-commercial training organisations fulfilling these shared quality standards.

In addition, PharmaTrain is in the process to implement a “Specialist in Medicines Development (SMD)” professional certification infrastructure for physicians and non-physician scientists, e.g., in Italy and Japan, to increase the competence in medicines development. Increase of clinical research competence of clinical investigators and their team is the aim of the “Clinical Investigator Certification (CLIC)” Concept, jointly developed with ECRIN, the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network.