University of Basel - European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM)

Diploma of Advanced Studies in Pharmaceutical Medicine

Practical Information

Commencing Date :
September 2021
Language :
Location :
Basel Switzerland

Teaching Methodology :
Duration :
Two Year(s)

Non European Fees :
14750 CHF
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University of Basel - European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM)

University Accreditation : Yes

Centre of Excellence


The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Pharmaceutical Medicines program provides specialist knowledge in the field of drug development at an advanced level. The syllabus of the course program covers all aspects of pharmaceutical medicine and drug development as defined by the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians (IFAPP,

This includes the discovery and development of new medicines, clinical trial methodology, good clinical practice and ethics, pharmacovigilance and epidemiology, biostatistics, regulatory affairs, health economics, project management, marketing and new therapeutic approaches.

After having successfully completed the DAS program with 30 ECTS, training can be complemented with further learning elements to achieve a Master of Advanced Studies in Medicines Development.

The course program is divided into six modules consisting of four days each over a period of two years. Learning methods comprise online preparation, lectures and group work on case studies. The course language is English.

The ECPM Advanced Studies degrees are targeted at representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, service industry, academic and government decision- and policy-makers who already have a good understanding of the basics of drug development and will benefit from a more in-depth, comprehensive and systematic immersion into modern medical product and device development, regulation and market introduction.

IMI Standards

  • A predefined set of teaching objectives, leading to defined learning outcomes
  • Assessment of the students' achievement in accordance with the agreed learning outcomes of the training offered
  • A system for collecting, assessing and addressing feedback from learners, teachers, technical / administrative staff and programme / course / module managers
  • Availability of appropriate and regularly reviewed reference material (e.g. published articles, links, book chapters, scripts, etc)
  • Defined and transparent admission criteria
  • Quality assurance of teaching staff
  • Regular review of the QA/QC process and demonstration that the training is further developed in light of this review
  • The facilities, infrastructure, leadership and competences available for the support of student learning
  • University accreditation OR a system for approving, monitoring and reviewing the training offered


Module Title





Global Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Business Core 4 days 5.0 ECTS No
From Non-Clinical Testing to First-In-Humans Core 4 days 5.0 ECTS No
Planning, Collecting and Managing Clinical Data Core 4 days 5.0 ECTS No
Clinical and Safety Data Evaluation Core 4 days 5.0 ECTS No
Global Registration and Approval Process Core 4 days 5.0 ECTS No
Integrated Product Development, Healthcare Marketplace Core 4 days 5.0 ECTS No