Donau-Universität Krems

Master of Science in Clinical Research

Practical Information

Commencing Date :
17. Oktober 2019
Language :
Location :
Donau-Universität Lehrstandort 87700 Memmingen/Deutschland und 3500 Krems/ Austria

Teaching Methodology :
Duration :
2,5 Year(s)

European Fees :
18 450 EUR
Scholarship Possibilities :

Course Contact

Andrea Hörmann

+43 273 28 93 31 19


Donau-Universität Krems

University Accreditation : Yes

Centre of Excellence



The university course Clinical Research offers systematic, academic qualification in clinical research, above all in connection with the approval of new pharmaceutical and medical devices. The interdisciplinary approach aims to improve practical interaction between different academic disciplines.
In the MSc university course, Clinical Research students learn the competencies required for planning, implementing and evaluating clinical tests with drugs and medical devices (self- competence, professional competence, social and communicative competence, legal and regulatory frameworks) at an internationally required level of education by means of practice-oriented classes, seminars and lectures. Practitioners and experts from the clinical research field and other related academic disciplines, combined with active teaching methods, ensure that course participants receive internationally sought after practical training in clinical research to prepare them for a management role. Students acquire the core competence monitoring and, subsequently, auditing clinical trials.
The lecturers of this university course are distinguished experts and Practitioners from relevant disciplines (clinicians, CRAs, etc.). This particular ensures that the connection to current clinical research practice is as close as possible. It also enhances the career opportunities of the university course graduates in this high-grade, transnational field.

IMI Standards

  • A predefined set of teaching objectives, leading to defined learning outcomes
  • Assessment of the students' achievement in accordance with the agreed learning outcomes of the training offered
  • A system for collecting, assessing and addressing feedback from learners, teachers, technical / administrative staff and programme / course / module managers
  • Availability of appropriate and regularly reviewed reference material (e.g. published articles, links, book chapters, scripts, etc)
  • Defined and transparent admission criteria
  • Quality assurance of teaching staff
  • Regular review of the QA/QC process and demonstration that the training is further developed in light of this review
  • The facilities, infrastructure, leadership and competences available for the support of student learning
  • University accreditation OR a system for approving, monitoring and reviewing the training offered


Module Title





1. Einführung in das Studienumfeld 2 No
2. Grundlagen von Clinical Research 11 No
3. Ethik und Recht 12 No
4. Datenverarbeitung und -auswertung 10 No
5. Planung klinischer Prüfungen 12 No
6. Durchführung klinischer Prüfungen 13 No
7. Qualitätskontrolle / Qualitätsicherung 10 No
8. Soziale Kompetenz 9 No
9. Management 10 No
10. Methodenkompetenz 1 No
11. Projektarbeit 10 No
12. Masterarbeit 20 No