PharmaTrain provides Global Shared Standards for Education and Training in Medicines Development. Course Providers fulfilling these standards are considered to be state-of-the-art by trainees and employers

Your Advantages

High quality Shared Standards
PharmaTrain is a global, not-for-profit organisation involved in setting standards in post-graduate training in Medicines Development. Academia and the pharmaceutical industry jointly established a syllabus comprehensively addressing topics of medicines development.

The PharmaTrain course concepts have been developed by university-based course providers and pharmaceutical industry experts to meet the industry’s needs and are outcomes-based to optimise the learning process for the student. In addition, PharmaTrain has developed a set of quality standards for ongoing quality assurance and created the accreditation infrastructure for PharmaTrain recognition as “PharmaTrain Centre” or “PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence” for course providers offering diploma or master programmes, CPD Modules and investigator training courses and fulfil the shared standards. Training Centres offering Diploma Courses, Master Programmes and CPD Modules and which fulfil the Shared Standards can apply for formal recognition by PharmaTrain. The recognition process follows a defined procedure.

The PharmaTrain global Course Providers’ network
Global collaboration and mutual recognition of modules from diploma and master courses by PharmaTrain Centres in the network offers greater flexibility to trainees and employers. The network is a platform for course providers to share experience with other course providers and to learn about needs and experiences in other countries.

Your benefits in joining PharmaTrain Federation
  • You participate in driving Education and Training in Medicines Development.
  • The PharmaTrain brand supports the awareness and acceptance of your courses.
  • Support awareness of the need for more and better standardised E&T in medicines development.
  • Benefit from the unique network with partners from university and non-university course providers, pharmaceutical companies and their service organisations as well as professional and regulatory organisations.
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