Join the Federation and get your courses assessed to be granted the PharmaTrain Recognition.

Assessment & Membership

As described in the Fees Structure, Assessments and Membership are tied together in many ways.
To become a PharmaTrain Member and/or to have your courses recognised, you must first apply to join our CMS Platform from which both applications can be submitted.

The PharmaTrain CMS

Register and Submit your Applications

Both Membership Applications and Assessment Submissions are made through the PharmaTrain CMS. Please see below the procedure:

Step 1: Register to the PharmaTrain CMS
Step 2: Get your confirmation email and create your Account
Step 3: Login to your PharmaTrain Account

For Membership Only
Step 4: Click on "Become a Member" at the top left of the PharmaTrain CMS to apply

For Courses Recognition and Membership
Step 4: Create a Course Provider profile
Step 5: Submit your Courses for assessments within the corresponding category, CPD or Master/Diploma