PharmaTrain Syllabus V3.0

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The PharmaTrain Federation is delighted to announce the launch the PharmaTrain Syllabus V3.0.
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The PharmaTrain Federation

PharmaTrain Federation is a not for profit organisation that started its activities as an IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) European Project. Its mission is to drive implementation of globally recognized high-level standards for postgraduate education and training in Medicines Development. To that aim, the Federation is assessing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Courses and Course Providers around the world that deserve recognition as PharmaTrain Course, PharmaTrain Centre or PharmaTrain Centre of Excellence and jointly form the PharmaTrain Course Providers Network.

The PharmaTrain Recognition

Mastering Medicines Development

To improve post-graduate competence development in Pharmaceutical Medicine/Medicines Development, PharmaTrain developed an Evaluation and Recognition Process for all education and training centres and courses covering all or at least one topic of the PharmaTrain Syllabus. Successful assessment grants the PharmaTrain Recognition on three (3) different levels.

PharmaTrain Course

For a CPD Course on any topics of the PharmaTrain Syllabus.

PharmaTrain Centre

For Master/Diploma Course, or large group of CPD Courses on PharmaTrain Syllabus topics.

Centre of Excellence

For a Master/Diploma Course in Pharmaceutical Medicines/Medicines Development.

PharmaTrain Certified Courses & Providers

See below the different types of awarded entities

Course Providers

List of PharmaTrain Course Providers

Master & Diploma

List of Recognised Master & Diploma Courses

CPD Courses

List of Recognised CPD Courses

The Facts

10 Years of Activity

38 Total Assessments
33 Members
125 Recognised CPD Courses
9 Recognised Diploma/Masters

PharmaTrain Membership

Join the Federation

The PharmaTrain Federation addresses several categories of members: course providers, pharmaceutical/biotechnology/medical device companies, agencies and societies as well as individual members. All benefit from PharmaTrain in different ways.
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Aside from the Courses Recognition, the Federation is also involved in the following initiatives.

SMD Programme

Concept & Objectives

Currently, academically-qualified (in medicine or life sciences) people working in medicines development are trained on the job, undertake continuing professional development (CPD), and participate in university training courses to achieve a secondary diploma and/or master degree. Both tracks will lead to an individual acquiring a certain array of competencies across multiple domains. So far, there is no qualification/degree/award available in most countries which certifies this described background or achievement, and the PharmaTrain SMD Certification concept & programme aims to fill this gap.

e-Learning Modules

The PharmaTrain e-Library integrates state-of-the-art newly developed blended learning modules with those collected from continuing survey to create a directory of online courses

European Projects

The PharmaTrain Federation is now involved in European Projects, continuing the contribution to what has seen its own genesis.

CLIC Initiative

The CLIC Initiative is a take on further development for Physicians to become a clinical investigator and Nurse to join an investigating team.